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Your Injury Is Our Focus

Our entire practice is devoted to serving injured clients, when they need us, however they need us.

How To Protect Your Interests

Personal injuries not only cause physical pain, but also emotional and financial hardship through loss of work, medical bills and stress placed upon families and loved ones. We often take our physical and mental well-being for granted until something goes wrong.

When an accident happens, lives are sometimes changed forever. Simple pleasures become chores. Daily routines are disrupted. Economic losses are often devastating. Whether caused by an automobile accident, a defective product, medical malpractice or another negligence, injuries alter lives.

The attorneys at Reinig, Barber & Henry strive to meet and exceed client objectives and goals. We do this by focusing on the catastrophic personal toll caused by the negligence of others. This way, judges, juries and insurance adjusters alike understand the need to fully and fairly compensate personal injury victims for all aspects of their losses.

Why You Need An Attorney To Help

The defendant and insurance company may have a complete or partial defense to the claim, and they will fight to ensure that they pay the least amount possible. There are many nuanced rules to these claims and specific terms that are important to understand during your case.

Comparative negligence is a strategy attorneys may use. It allows money to be awarded based on the level of fault the plaintiff is proven to be responsible for. For example, if the plaintiff was 20 percent at fault, the defendant will only be liable for 80 percent of damages.

Damages are meant to be compensation (compensatory), instead of punishment (punitive) or an acceptance of guilt. In Washington, punitive damages are rarely awarded. This means that the amount paid matches the claimant’s actual loss and does not punish the defendant for wrongful conduct. The award should be enough to put the plaintiff in the position he/she would have been in before the incident. Reinig, Barber & Henry has years of experience dealing with insurance companies and fighting to maximize your awarded compensation.

Put Our Experience On Your Side

For legal assistance regarding accident compensation, contact us online or by telephone at 509-735-0535 to speak with an experienced injury claims attorney. While we primarily handle cases in Washington and Oregon, we are prepared to serve the needs of clients nationwide.