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In what ways do truck drivers contribute to or cause accidents?

Due to their size and weight, accidents involving tractor-trailers and other heavy commercial trucks can be very destructive. Unfortunately, these truck accidents typically cause lots of property damage and can result in devastating injuries.

Synthetic marijuana causing motorists to black out while driving

As if the roads in Washington State and elsewhere are not dangerous enough, it seems synthetic substances are adding to the hazards. When you consider how many large, heavy trucks share the nation's roads this new danger is especially frightening.

How is the state of Washington dealing with truck safety?

Trucking companies are obligated to follow the rules that the government has set down for its drivers and trucks. In 2005, the Washington State Department of Transportation issued a report about the Transportation Partnership Program that sees to it that the roadways and highways are maintained so that safe travel can be had by all.

Truck safety administered by state of Washington

Truck accidents are no laughing matter. This 50,000 pound machine is bearing down on you and you have nowhere to go to get away from it. The authorities in Washington take this safety issue very seriously. The classification system that the state has set up, the Washington State Freight and Goods Transportation System, regulates the freight volume of all trucks and other modes of transporting goods. The Washington Department of Transportation uses this and other scales and methods to determine and designate freight economic corridors that is called the "Freight Mobility Plan."

Handling an accident with a truck can be damaging

Being involved in a truck accident is to experience chaos. You are suddenly hit and hurt severely, you car is totaled and you have no idea what your next steps are. Calling in an attorney from Reinig, Barber & Henry is a step in the right direction. We know enough to listen to your story and tell you what your options are.

What is the government doing about the airbag recall?

Being involved in a truck accident is frightening and can cause horrible and serious injuries. One thing you don't want to worry about is whether your airbags are going to deploy when needed. If they do deploy, are they going to spew pieces of metal at you? By now, you have probably heard about the Takata air bag recall. Approximately 19 million cars and trucks have been affected and 12 manufacturers are responsible. Almost 100 people have been injured with seven people perishing because of defective airbags.

Driving a truck while intoxicated leads to jail time, fine

With the summer months coming to an end, and kids going back to school, many families will be travelling on those last minute trips that come in September. For the people who do their best to patrol our streets and keep us safe from vehicle accidents, this will be a hard month for them. They just want to ensure that everyone travels safely and avoids dangerous behavior behind the wheel, especially semi-trucks or tractor-trailers.

What are the rules for texting and driving for truck drivers?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety administration have gotten together and have written rules that specifically prohibit truckers and bus drivers, especially those who transport hazardous materials, from texting or even using any hand-held cellphones when driving their vehicles.

Important to drive defensively in a highway brush fire situation

In the state of Washington, there is plenty of trucking traffic to warrant being extra careful on the highway. Having the weather kick in to make it even harder to drive defensively can be a problem. Drought conditions across the state and the wildfire that can devastate the roadways and the ability to go where you need to go can hinder safe travel as well.

What is the state of Washington doing to keep drivers safe?

When you think of travelling on the highways and roadways of the state of Washington, you know how many trucks are utilizing them. You have a general sense of safety, but sometimes those trucks that are driven by someone who is distracted or tired can cause severe injury and damage to your vehicle.

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