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Posts tagged "negligent driver"

How can I avoid car accidents in Washington in avalanche season?

Avalanche danger is an ever-present reality in the state of Washington during the winter. It affects our road safety and can cause car accidents and other road hazards. You need to be informed in order not to make a dangerous situation even worse. Sometimes, though, no matter what you do, another careless driver can cause you to have a car accident in this type of weather.

New policy modifier offers accident victims more financial help

When most people buy an insurance policy for their vehicle they hope one day that they will never have to cash it in because of an injury-causing motor vehicle accident. That’s because, as many of our readers know, insurance policies usually only cover the cost of the car and not the medical expenses that can often follow a serious crash. This can create financial stress for accident victims that they might be ill-equipped to handle.

Yacolt man asks wife to report vehicle stolen after hit-and-run

When it comes to hit-and-run accidents, it seems like the negligent driver will say anything to get out of being held liable. But a Yacolt man may have taken it a little too far when he asked his wife to report their SUV stolen after he had caused a serious car accident that has a 20-year-old Vancouver, Washington man clinging to life.