Serving injury victims in the Tri-cities, Columbia Basin, Eastern Washington and Oregon.

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Your Injury Is Our Focus

Our entire practice is devoted to serving injured clients, when they need us, however they need us.

Why Choose Reinig, Barber & Henry?

Many lawyers work on a wide range of cases, from divorce to business, to real estate and workers compensation claims. At Reinig, Barber & Henry, we don’t dabble in other areas of law, we are injury lawyers and it’s what we focus on EVERY DAY.

We understand the strategies that insurance companies use to minimize claims or flat-out deny them. We know how to combat these strategies and maximize the amount our clients recover. Injury law is what we do.

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A Serious Ally On Your Side

After a serious injury or illness, your life may not feel like your life anymore. As you look ahead at your ongoing medical needs, inability to work, growing bills and worries about the future, you should know that these issues should not be your concern. The right attorney will act on your behalf to mitigate these worries. Your attorney should be making every effort to ensure you are set up well for the future.

At Reinig, Barber & Henry, we take pride in our fierce representation of clients. We hold ourselves to high standards of care for our clients by following key principles of our practice:

  • Empathy And Compassion For Our Clients: We have worked with injury victims in Washington and Oregon since 1974. After 45 years of helping clients, it never gets any easier for our team to see victims and their families in pain. Our compassion is what makes our attorneys such strong advocates during settlement discussions or in the courtroom.
  • Giving A Voice To Victims: We stand up for you against the other side and big insurance companies. When you are injured due to someone else’s recklessness or negligence, your story deserves to be heard.
  • Personalized Attention, Every Time: Our team does not use one-size-fits-all solutions. We look at your unique circumstances and your future goals to create a tailored legal strategy. If you need ongoing physical therapy to meet your goal of walking again, we will fight for that compensation.
  • Attorneys Who Value Collaboration: Our team depends on one another. We value teamwork and collaboration for every case. Because of our emphasis on cooperation, when you walk into our offices, our attorneys are prepared to speak with you, even if they are not your primary point of contact. Attorneys manage your case, not paralegals.
  • Skill Honed By Years Of Experience: We are a team of lawyers crafting arguments designed to meet your needs. We know the nuances of these laws and how the insurance companies will try to offer less money than you deserve. Our experience helps us navigate quickly to a positive resolution.
  • Knowing Your Case Inside And Out: We prepare for your case with experience and energy. Your dedicated team uses witnesses, industry experts, accident recreation and advances in technology to thoroughly understand your injuries and suffering and the accident.
  • A History Of Success: Almost all lawyers offer the same fee arrangements and almost all lawyers claim expertise in accident recovery or personal injury. You need to know an attorney’s reputation for honesty, dependability, successful representation, ability to predict the likely outcome, and promptness in returning your calls. Your best source for such referrals is to ask friends family, your doctor, people employed in the legal system, or acquaintances who have used an attorney.

The Right Fit For Your Case

We want to hear your story and discuss how Reinig, Barber & Henry may be the right fit for you. Call 509-735-0535 or use the online form to request an appointment today. There are no charges up front. We work on a contingency fee basis. That means we do not take any money unless you win the case. Your consultation is always free.