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Why do young drivers have a high crash rate?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Car Accidents

Teenage drivers have the worst crash rate of all age groups. Further, they are three times more likely to die in a crash than even someone in their early 20s per mile driven. Why is this?

It’s in part because they aren’t as inclined to wear seat belts as older drivers. Over half of the teens killed in crashes during 2020 were not belted in. Let’s look at some reasons why teens are more likely to be involved in a crash those in other age ranges.

Distracted driving

If you notice how many teenagers are glued to their phones, it’s understandable that many will struggle to break that habit when they get behind the wheel. Distraction is a major factor in crashes among all age groups.

Peer pressure

Imagine how hard it must be for a teenage boy to block out encouragement from a friend who is sitting beside him to go faster, overtake the students in another car, or carry out some other maneuver that is unsafe. Sadly, many teens bow to that pressure with horrible consequences.

Inexperience is a major factor

Becoming a better driver requires gaining more experience. Anyone learning a new skill (which is what new drivers are still doing long after they pass their test to get their license) is likely to make a lot of mistakes. When the skill in question is driving, mistakes can have catastrophic consequences.

If a teenage driver makes an error, they probably don’t have the skill to correct it that someone with more experience has. If they lose control and plow into your vehicle, their youth is not an excuse for holding them responsible and seeking the compensation you will need.