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Topics to discuss with your doctor if you were injured in a crash

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Car Accidents

You probably understand that you can seek economic restitution after a crash under Washington’s injury and accident compensation laws. However, you want to be sure that the financial award you obtain will meet all your medical needs.

Unfortunately, some injuries are unpredictable — often not manifesting symptoms for days or weeks after the car accident. Hold off on filing your injury claim until you discuss the issues below with your medical care provider.

The full scope of injuries

Sometimes, doctors don’t discuss minor injuries with patients while treating their more severe accident injuries. Ask your doctor for a list of all the injuries you suffered in the crash, even those considered minor. Consider taking notes and asking follow-up questions during this conversation.

Anticipated complications

Some car accident injuries are fraught with the risk of medical complications that could increase your overall injury costs. For example, brain injury patients often endure complications like seizures, altered consciousness and blood clotting disorders long after the initial damage.

Impact on future earning capacity

You probably anticipate returning to work after you recover, but what if your injuries are permanently disabling? Your doctor may put off this tough conversation to spare you from psychological trauma, but you need this information now for your claim. Ask about your future occupational prognosis to ensure that you have accounted for possible disability in your accident claim.

Mechanism of injury

You can sprain your neck in both a fall and a vehicle accident. Insurance companies and courts know this, too, so they want proof of how your injury occurred. Ask your doctor to explain your mechanism of injury and request official records to submit as evidence when you file your claim.

An ideal next step for car accident victims is creating a list of topics to discuss with a legal representative.