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Gathering evidence after a trucking accident

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | Firm News

If safe to do so, it can benefit you to take photos when involved in any accident, including a trucking one. Undoubtedly, the size of a truck and, in most cases, the severity of such accidents can be overwhelming. However, it will be best to stay calm and make informed decisions that will strengthen your claim.

Here is how you can gather evidence after a trucking accident. 

Get pictures of what you can

Unlike other accident types, when a truck hits you, it can be challenging to take photos due to its size, but it’s possible with a few tips. These include: 

  • Take pictures of your vehicle 
  • Take photos of the truck, particularly close-ups 
  • Take photos of your injuries 
  • Capture skid marks and debris 
  • Take photos of the surroundings (traffic signals, damaged property and the weather condition)

While it’s vital to have both vehicles in a single picture in different angles to show how the accident happened, this can be difficult with a truck, especially larger ones. Try your best to take photos from an angle that can allow both vehicles in single photos even if they don’t fit in the frame. 

Take pictures immediately

If you can, you should take pictures immediately. Things can change quickly before the police arrive to secure the area. The truck driver may move, witnesses may pick up debris and so on. However, if you can’t, ask someone to do it while you seek medical attention. Besides, with legal guidance, you can access the services of private investigators, accident scene photographers and accident reconstruction specialists who can provide you with needed evidence.

Evidence for a trucking accident can be more complicated. If you are involved in such an accident, you should get legal help to make the right moves.