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7 kinds of drivers that cause car collisions

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2023 | Car Accidents

There are millions of drivers on the road. Some of these drivers are more likely to cause accidents than others. While you may be safety-minded and careful, that’s not necessarily true of others, which is why experts always say that every driver needs to be a “defensive” driver. 

To know what kind of drivers have a higher chance of causing an accident, you should read the following:

1. Drunk drivers

Alcohol severely impaired people’s senses. They may experience reduced vision, focus and judgment. Despite that, many drivers will drive after drinking. This can drastically raise the chance of an auto accident.

2. Drowsy drivers

Drowsy driving, surprisingly, can be just as bad as drunk driving. Sleepiness can impair people’s ability to drive. They may also fall asleep behind the wheel. Accidents caused by drowsy drivers may have a higher chance of happening late at night or very early in the morning.

3. Distracted drivers

A distraction while driving can be deadly. Distractions while driving occur anytime a driver takes their eyes off the road, hands off the wheel or their minds off of driving. Some of the most common distracted driving accidents are caused by phones, eating and talking.

4. Teen drivers

Not only are teens likely to be distracted while driving but their inexperience driving could lead to an accident. Many teens are learning to drive for the first time and may not be prepared to get on busy roads. If they’re stressed and suddenly panic, then they could cause an accident.

5. Elderly drivers

A person’s age does not guarantee that they’re a safe driver. Many elderly drivers have health problems, such as impaired eyesight and tremors, which can make it harder for them to drive. 

6. Speeding drivers

The faster a car is moving, the harder it is to control. Drivers who speed may suddenly lose control of their vehicle because of how fast they’re going. They may also be unable to stop their vehicle if another car pulls out in front of them.

7. Aggressive drivers

Some drivers are quick to anger. Because of this, they may aggressively drive to intimidate other drivers. They may do this by tailgating or brake checking.

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