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How much does medical care for a brain jury cost?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2023 | Injury

There are numerous ways for a car crash to cause a traumatic brain injury (TBI). One of the most common involves someone hitting their head during the collision. The violent motion of the vehicle during the crash and also the shrapnel that flies during a collision might potentially lead to a TBI. 

However someone injures their brain in a car crash, they may have major expenses to worry about afterward. Brain injuries often lead to a combination of both lost wages and medical expenses. Before someone injured in a crash can even think about going back to work, they will need trauma care and rehabilitative support. 

How much does the care to treat a brain injury typically cost? 

Care costs vary dramatically but can exceed insurance

Researchers looking at the average cost to treat a TBI suggested a range of averages that is staggeringly broad. At the low end, those with moderate brain injuries could expect to pay roughly $85,000 for their treatment. In more extreme cases involving repeat surgeries and life support, the lifetime care costs for someone with a TBI could actually go as high as $3 million or more. 

Unless there is an exceptionally large insurance policy in play, the people affected by the crash may need to consider a lawsuit in addition to an insurance claim because of the expenses produced. The medical costs alone will typically be many times higher than the policy limit that applies to a car between two personal motor vehicles. 

Learning more about the consequences of brain injuries and other serious medical concerns following a car crash will benefit those hoping to seek financial compensation for their losses.