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What should you do if you’re driving in the fog?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2022 | Car Accidents

You can’t predict when you’re going to be driving in the fog because it is so localized. Weather conditions may seem great when you get in the car, but you can drive into a bank of fog within just a few miles. 

This is very unnerving when it happens, as it massively reduces visibility and makes it harder to tell what’s happening on the road around you. So how should you react and what should you do to stay safe?

Turn on your flashing hazard lights

One potential option is simply to turn on your flashers to draw a bit more attention to your vehicle. This alerts drivers around you that you may also be driving slower than the speed limit in an effort to stay safe. One thing you don’t want to do is turn on your high beams, as these just reduce visibility even more.

Slow down and stay alert

As noted, one of the best ways to stay safe is simply to slow down. This gives you more time to react if there is a vehicle ahead of you. You also want to stay alert so that you can react immediately to avoid a crash. Distraction is always dangerous, especially in the fog. 

Pull over if you have to stop

There are cases in which you may determine that the only safe action for you to take is to pull over. The fog is just too thick to drive safely. If you do this, make sure that you pull off of the road or into a parking lot. Never stop in the travel lane, or you could be hit by a driver behind you who never sees your car.

If you do get involved in an accident caused by someone else, you need to know how to seek financial compensation for your injuries.