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Coping with mental aspects of burns from car wrecks

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Car Accidents

If you get into a catastrophic collision caused by another car or by an 18-wheeler, you could suffer thermal burns that are both life-threatening and life-altering. Should you survive, the path of rehabilitation is extensive.

A serious thermal injury rehab includes psychiatric and/or psychological counseling Regardless of a burn victim’s former viewpoint on the merits of therapy, living with disfigurement after a car accident requires mental adjustments to successfully reintegrate into society.

Making the most out of burn rehab

Scarring tends to occur with most second-degree and third-degree burns. Wearing pressure garments over the injured areas for up to two years can reduce the appearance of thick scars after a serious burn.

Prevent contractures whenever possible

Another factor that can affect your psychological condition is all the things that you can no longer do unassisted – or at all. From buttoning your shirt to bowling in a league, each loss adds to the cumulative effect of your burn injuries.

Preventing contractures can help you maximize your abilities post-accident. Attending physical therapy, doing home workouts and stretching the scar tissue gently but regularly all contribute to contracture avoidance.

Expensive therapies

Because none of this treatment is free, it is important that accident victims with burn injuries seek compensation from all liable parties. Often, there are multiple defendants who share responsibility — and some have deeper pockets than others. 

Don’t be too eager to take that quick insurance check. Were your future medical costs and care included in that check the insurance company is so eager for you to sign and cash? Investigate all strategies before agreeing to settle.