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Does music help or hinder when driving?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Truckers can get tired due to the amount of time they spend driving. Drifting off while in charge of a massive vehicle could soon end up killing or injuring people.

Hence, it is natural that truck drivers look for things that help them stay awake and alert. One of those is music.

While music can be beneficial to drivers, it can also have a negative influence

Think about the songs you like. You probably have certain songs for certain moments or moods. For example, the song you play to prepare for a Friday night out is probably not the same song you would choose if you need to relax before bedtime. 

Tempo matters

While a little high tempo music can help you stay awake on the road, a recent study found too much makes someone more likely to speed and weave through traffic.

While a trucker might use low tempo music to help stay calm in heavy traffic, playing it as they drive empty roads at night makes it more likely they close their eyes close and crash.

Truckers need to do whatever they legally can to stay alert. Choosing the right music can help, yet it is never a substitute for adequate rest.  If a truck that crashed into you was blasting out high-tempo music, consider that it may have led them to drive recklessly, or it may have been their last-ditch attempt to keep driving when they should have pulled over and slept.

Getting legal help to investigate all factors that could explain why a truck crashed into you will be crucial to claiming compensation.