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Look out for these internal injuries after a car accident

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Car Accidents

A car accident can happen when you least expect it. And when it does, the impact can leave you with life-altering injuries. If you are involved in a car accident that is the result of someone else’s reckless or unlawful conduct, it is in your best interest that you pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party. 

A car accident can leave you with a wide range of injuries. One of these is internal injuries. Left undetected and treated in time, internal injuries can develop into serious complications. Here are some of the internal injuries you are likely to sustain following a car accident:


A concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that happens when the head is subjected to a blow. Concussions are usually not life-threatening. Symptoms of a concussion may include dizziness, headache, slurred speech and confusion. While most of these symptoms tend to go away on their own after two to three weeks from the accident, it is still important that you seek medical attention just to be sure that you are not in danger. 

Bruised internal organs

Bruising on the internal organs can be very difficult to detect, especially moments after the accident. However, if you experience unexplained soreness, abdominal pain, reduced blood pressure and back pain hours or days after the accident, then you need to check with your doctor if you might have sustained injuries to your internal organs such as the spleen, liver or kidneys. 

Internal bleeding

Also known as hemorrhaging, internal bleeding occurs within the body following damage to the blood vessels. If it happens in the brain, the accident victim may experience lightheadedness, weakness, slurred speech and confusion. Internal bleeding can be caused by three types of traumas: blunt, decelerating or piercing traumas. 

Internal injuries resulting from a car accident can cost thousands of dollars to treat not to mention the lost income due to hospitalization. If you are hurt in a car accident that you did not cause, it is important that you pursue the responsible party for compensation for your injuries.