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Who is financially responsible for a tractor-trailer crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Truck Accidents

If you have a collision with a tractor-trailer, you are likely more vulnerable to catastrophic injuries than the truck driver. After all, a semi truck with a fully loaded trailer may weigh as much as 75,000 pounds more than your everyday vehicle.

Catastrophic injuries can be expensive both to diagnose and to treat. To help you pay for what is likely to be a costly recovery, you may be able to pursue financial compensation. When it comes to an accident involving a tractor-trailer, you probably have a few options.

The driver of the truck

Even though truck drivers are professionals, they do not always follow the rules of the road. They also may have chronic health conditions that make them unsafe drivers. Put simply, if the driver causes the accident, he or she may be financially liable for your injuries.

The owner of the trucking company

While there are some freelance truck drivers, many others work for small trucking companies or even large logistical corporations. Because trucking companies often have more assets than truck drivers, it may be worthwhile to pursue compensation from the owner of the business that employs the trucker.

The mechanic or parts supplier

When mechanical issues cause or contribute to tractor-trailer crashes, a third party may be financially responsible for your injuries. Therefore, when exploring your options, it may be advisable to obtain the truck’s event data recorder and maintenance records.

The injuries you suffer in a collision with a heavy semi truck may change your life forever. Ultimately, to receive the compensation you deserve, you may have to assign blame to more than one source.