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Causes of recreational vehicle crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Car Accidents

The warmer months of the year are a great time for exploring what the country has to offer. For some people, this means getting into a recreational vehicle (RV) so they can enjoy some comforts of home while seeing the country.

It’s imperative that anyone who’s heading out in an RV understands some of the more common crash causes with these vehicles.

Driving too fast for conditions

You can’t drive an RV in the same manner you would handle a car. You must pay especially close attention to the road and weather conditions. Driving too fast can lead to safety hazards, partly because there’s a longer stopping distance than what you have with a smaller vehicle. Higher winds could also cause the RV to flip, so it’s essential to use extreme caution if it’s very windy, especially in curves.

Loading the RV improperly

RVs shouldn’t ever be loaded in a manner that makes one side much heavier than the other side. They also shouldn’t be overloaded. Heavier items should always be loaded lower in the RV so it doesn’t become overly top heavy. Loading in an unsafe manner can lead to the driver losing control of the RV while they’re on the road.

Unfortunately, not everyone who drives an RV is as careful as they need to be. If you’ve been involved in a crash with an RV that was the fault of the RV driver, you need to understand your rights. You can and should pursue a claim for compensation to cover your medical bills and other costs associated with the crash. This should be done quickly so that the statute of limitations doesn’t run out.