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What is the most common type of nursing home abuse?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Injury

Choosing to move an elderly loved one into the nursing home is likely to be one of the more difficult decisions you ever face. Still, if you cannot provide adequate care, you should be able to trust the professionals at the nursing home to do it for you.

While some nursing homes simply lack the resources to care for residents properly, others are downright awful places to be. In fact, staff at some nursing homes may neglect or even abuse residents. When it comes to nursing home abuse, residents are vulnerable to a wide range of mistreatment.

Physical violence

Patience is a critical quality for nursing home employees. Regrettably, nursing home professionals may lose their cool and physically assault nursing home residents. They may also neglect to provide necessary care in retaliation for perceived misbehaviors.

Emotional harm

While the signs of physical violence may be impossible to ignore, nursing home residents may have hidden scars from emotional abuse. This type of mistreatment occurs when employees taunt, bully or harass residents.

Financial abuse

Because of both age and infirmity, nursing home residents are vulnerable to financial abuse. Employees at the nursing home may take money, possessions or other items from residents. Administrators may also mismanage resident accounts, potentially depriving residents of the funds they need to thrive.

Nursing home abuse often goes unreported, making it virtually impossible to identify the most common type. Ultimately, if your loved one is suffering from abuse at the nursing home, the type of abuse may not make much difference to you.