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How does TBI affect your emotions and behavior?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2021 | Injury

When it comes to brain injuries, particularly TBIs, you could suffer from a variety of complications that can occur. One complication is a change in your emotions or behavior. 

According to Brainline, how your injury affects you depends on the part of the brain that suffers damage. 

TBI emotional changes

If you suffer a brain injury to your frontal lobe, it affects your impulsivity and your personality. Your frontal lobe contains your brake mechanism. This is responsible for your self-control. If you damage this area of the brain, you may have difficulty regulating emotions or controlling your anger. You may be more likely to make inappropriate comments to people. 

In some instances, you may not have the opposite problem. You may become emotionless. Some of the most common emotional symptoms include: 

  • Risky behavior 
  • Lack of motivation 
  • Lack of empathy 
  • Physical outbursts 
  • Negative outlooks 

You may also experience mood swings. This is because it is difficult to control your emotions and you may feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. 

TBI emotional recovery

There is hope if you suffered from a TBI and experience emotional behavior or emotional changes. A behavioral therapist or neuropsychologist may be able to help teach you new strategies to control your emotions. For instance, you can learn how to physically calm your body when you become angry. 

You should also have a friend or family member that you can confide in. If you can explain your worries, you will have less of the burden on your shoulders. 

TBI emotional changes are not uncommon, but you can learn to control your behavior and apologize for what you cannot control.