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Sandals and car crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Car Accidents

There are a plethora of risk factors that increase the odds of a collision on the road. However, some drivers overlook seemingly irrelevant issues, such as their footwear. In fact, sandals and other shoes can lead to a traffic crash when a driver is unable to apply the brakes in a timely manner or they accelerate too fast because of their footwear.

Our law firm realizes the hardships that motor vehicle accident victims face and if you were struck by another driver, it is imperative for you to explore all of the possible factors that led to a crash.

Risks associated with sandals

For starters, many people like to wear flip flops and similar footwear during the hot summer months. Although this is okay at the beach, it can spell disaster on the road. These shoes are often more likely to fall off or become loose while one is behind the wheel, which is a recipe for disaster. When a driver is caught off-guard because their shoes slip off, they are also more likely to become distracted and pay less attention to the road (which accounts for many motor vehicle collisions as well).

Addressing an accident caused by footwear

Sometimes, other drivers are willing to admit that their footwear played a role in an accident, while others remain silent and try to deny responsibility. If you were struck by another driver and you notice that their shoes have the potential to interfere with driving abilities, you need to take this into account (especially if you are thinking about legal action). Our blog addresses a wide range of legal topics related to car crashes, please explore our site for more information.