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What can I do to avoid road rage?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2019 | Firm News

Virtually all drivers have fallen victim to enraged impulses when on the road. The actions of other drivers can sometimes be frustrating, and if a serious lapse of judgment occurs your personal safety could be at risk. However, it’s important to maintain a calm and reasonable demeanor behind the wheel to greatly reduce your chance of being involved in an accident and injuring another person. Here are a few ways you can prevent road rage while driving. 

Being stuck in traffic is indeed frustrating, and this frustration can easily lead to violent outbursts and fits of anger. Being late to work or other obligations can also cause tensions to rise. The easiest way to prevent these issues is to leave early enough that you’ll be able to navigate through traffic without worry. It might also help you avoid traffic altogether if your leave before rush hour starts. 

Of course, even leaving early won’t prevent other frustrations behind the wheel. For instance, you may become immediately aggravated when another driver cuts you off or won’t let your merge. In this case, try using deep-breathing exercises or other relaxing behaviors to defuse tensions in your vehicle. Playing soothing music can also be helpful when driving, as it will help you maintain a more relaxed mood in general. 

Also, when tempted to indulge in road rage keep in mind the other damaging effects it may have. Along with increasing your risk of being in an accident, people with road rage will experience increased stress, which in turn can negatively impact a person’s health. It can also have an effect on your driving record, to the point where your license might be in jeopardy.