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The benefit of expert medical witnesses

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

When pursuing a medical malpractice case in Washington, you would probably expect to enlist the assistance of professionals other than your own attorney. At Reinig, Barber & Henry, we maintain a close network of medical professionals for this reason.

Part of any medical malpractice claim is typically explaining exactly how a care provider lapsed in his or her duty. To do this, you would want to look at the event from a technical perspective. Physicians, especially those who practice the same type of medicine as the event in question, are typically the most reliable sources of this type of expert testimony.

For example, you would probably want to enlist the help of an obstetrician if you believed that medical malpractice led to lifelong injury or disability in a newborn child, such as cerebral palsy. Someone with a specialization could potentially provide more detailed, relevant and credible testimony to support your case than could a general practitioner or another type of specialist.

Where you could run into challenges is in finding medical professionals that satisfy all of the requirements necessary to be an excellent expert witness. Your ideal candidate would probably be able to communicate easily, be knowledgeable in the field of medicine relevant to your case and, of course, be willing to provide testimony to help you recover from your injuries. This is not always the most common combination, but it is typically worth looking for all of these characteristics.

As mentioned above, we typically work through our professional network to provide the most compelling and appropriate expert witnesses for our clients. For more information, please continue on our main website.