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A hands-on attorney makes a difference

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2019 | Injury

Those injured through the negligence of others face many challenges, particularly when the injuries are severe. The recuperation can involve months or years of treatment and therapy, and lead to lost wages needed to support the family. While there may be some insurance to help cover medical expenses, injuries to wage earners often impact the well-being of the entire family.

The injured’s priority should be their recovery, but it is in their best interests to also consult with a hands-on lawyer who serves the interests of victims and their family.

Services that are above and beyond

The hands-on attorney focuses on the client’s well-being and recovery while also handling the legal details and other related matters. There are countless details to these cases, but important issues include:

  • Protecting victims from big insurance companies: Carriers are large corporations in the business of paying the smallest possible amount to the policyholder or victims. Often, they will try to settle for a lesser amount by coercing the injured to sign an agreement before hiring an attorney.
  • Makes the laws less complicated: The laws involving personal injury are involved, but an attorney can walk clients through each step of the process, making sure they understand the choices they face and how they will impact the victim’s future.
  • See a case through to get a larger settlement: While court cases take longer, lawyers willing to see a case through generally get larger settlements for their clients.
  • Valuable insight: Hands-on attorneys provide experience and understanding to their family, and they can even offer tips guidance to find medical staff that provides the best chance for recovery.
  • They are only paid if they win: Personal injury attorneys are paid a percentage of the settlement, so there is no out of pocket legal expenses for the victims or their family.

Finding the lawyer that fits your needs

The details of each case are unique, as are the needs of the client. A victim should feel comfortable enough with their lawyer to have a strong relationship as they work toward the common goal of getting the compensation they deserve.