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These 2 kinds of truck accidents have caused numerous fatalities

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Truck Accidents

Driving a semitruck is an enormous responsibility from a safety perspective. These massive vehicles carry unimaginable amounts of tonnage and when a normal passenger vehicle collides with a semitruck, there’s a high likelihood of catastrophic injuries and fatalities. For this reason, the drivers of 18-wheelers — in addition to the transportation companies that employ them and maintain their trucks — must take all possible precautions to avoid the following two common semitruck accident scenarios:

Jackknifing crashes

When a semitruck jackknifes, the trailer of the truck begins to slide forward in a lateral way — as if the back wheels were to overtake the front wheels. Sometimes, a jackknifing semitruck will actually spin out of control. What often happens is the truck will roll onto its side or the trailer will jam into the cabin where the driver is found. As one might imagine, when a large vehicle jackknifes, it can collide with other smaller vehicles on the road. resulting in terrible damages. The best way to avoid a jackknife incident is to safely load the semitruck, drive at or below the speed limit, drive a speed that’s appropriate for weather conditions and stay alert and attentive at all times.

Sleeping trucker incidents

The long haul can be monotonous and boring. When you combine this with a fatigued, overworked and sleep-deprived driver, this is a recipe for falling asleep, daydreaming or becoming distracted behind the wheel. Clearly, there are few situations more dangerous than a sleeping semitruck driver. To help drivers stay alert and awake, trucking companies need to enforce the federal rules and standards that apply to required rest and breaks. Also, as soon as truck drivers detect the slightest sign of drowsiness, they should stop driving and take the rest they need.

Unfortunately, the above types of semitruck crashes have killed countless individuals on the road. If you’re a semitruck driver, make sure to do your part to prevent more of these accidents from happening. If you were injured — or if your loved one was killed — in such a commercial trucking crash, make sure to investigate your legal rights and options as soon as you possibly can.