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Motorcycle safety: 4 things to avoid

On Behalf of | May 3, 2018 | Car Accidents

There are reams of articles about motorcycle safety and what you should do to avoid crashes. However, sometimes it’s what you don’t do that’s the most important. Take the following four things, for example. Refraining from these “motorcycle don’t’s” could save your life and your passengers’ lives.

The four “don’t’s” of motorcycle safety are:

  1. Drinking alcohol and driving your motorcycle: Driving a motorcycle while intoxicated by alcohol is a major factor in many bike crashes. Intoxicated drivers also have a higher chance of not using a motorcycle helmet (see item number four). The safest bet is to refrain from riding your bike after consuming any quantity of alcohol.
  2. Driving faster than the speed limit: Speed limits exist for a reason. When you follow them you’ll be less likely to crash, and – if you do get into a crash – there’s a higher chance that you and your passenger will survive.
  3. Riding a super sport bike: It’s not really fair to say “don’t ride a sport bike.” These motorcycles are extremely exciting, fun and, for many, they’re the ultimate riding experience. However, sport bike riders have a four times higher chance of death than other motorcyclists. If you’re new to biking, consider starting on something more conservative. If you’re a parent, you might not want to let your teenager ride a super sport bike.
  4. Failing to wear a helmet: Wearing a helmet should be obvious, but it’s worth mentioning that a properly fitted helmet is the best way to prevent death and catastrophic injury if you’re involved in a collision.

From a safety perspective, there is a lot more you can refrain from as a motorcyclist aside from the above four items. However, following the above for “motorcycling don’t’s” is important if you want to prevent you and your loved ones from getting hurt. If you do get hurt, however, in spite of your best efforts, consider exploring your legal rights and options as a potential motorcycle accident plaintiff.