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Defective asthma inhalers causing problems for overseas patients

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | Medical Malpractice

If you currently suffer from asthma in Benton, Washington, you probably have an inhaler and you probably don’t like leaving your home without it. That’s because your inhaler serves as a literal lifeline to prevent asthma attacks and other difficult and frightening symptoms related to your condition. This is precisely why the recent recall of Ventolin Accuhalers and Seretide Accuhalers in the United Kingdom is so unsettling.

According to news reports, the inhalers were not delivering the appropriate amount of the drugs to patients. Rather than delivering the full amount, affected devices were delivering reduced amounts, preventing patients from receiving the full dose of potentially life-saving drugs when they needed them most.

The government in the United Kingdom announced that the defective inhalers were being subject to a recall on Feb. 21, and patients were asked to return the devices to where they purchased them for a properly functioning replacement device. Doctors are concerned that if patients don’t adhere to the recall, or don’t hear about the recall, that they could find themselves in a fearful state when trying to use their inhalers and not finding that their symptoms abate as they normally would. Doctors worry that this could cause fear and panic, and cause their asthma symptoms to get worse and result in a full asthmatic attack.

If you or a loved one uses an asthma inhaler, never take its proper functioning for granted. Always follow your doctor’s rules and recommendations pertaining to the device, and if you suspect it’s not working correctly, seek medical attention immediately. Also, if you suspect you were seriously injured — or your loved one was killed — by a dangerous asthma inhaler, be sure to learn about your legal rights and options as you may have a viable claim to pursue financial damages.

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