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Do Yakima police give special treatment to some drunk drivers?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2017 | Car Accidents

The state of Washington has enacted stiff drunk driving laws in order to keep law-abiding drivers safe from getting hurt. There are numerous drunk drivers, with whom we share the road, every single day, possibly driving right alongside us. Yakima police want to change this by implementing very strict enforcement standards, but some Yakima residents are questioning whether police give special treatment to certain DUI drivers.

The questions arose in the wake of a recent DUI crash that was the fault of a Yakima City councilwoman. The woman was arrested in mid-April following a rear-end crash between her Chevy Malibu and a Chevrolet Suburban. Allegedly, the council woman drove right into the back of the Suburban, which had six passengers riding in it, and four of them were children.

The extent of the injuries resulting from this crash are unclear. However, the councilwoman’s Breathalyzer test scored double the legal limit, so she was arrested, booked and charged with DUI.

Some have said that the councilwoman received special treatment during her DUI arrest. After the arrest, police later gave her a courtesy drive home. Some are saying that this wasn’t fair because they didn’t get a courtesy ride home following their DUI crashes. However, getting a ride home is not uncommon. Approximately half of those arrested for DUI may get a ride home according to one local DUI defense lawyer.

For the victims of DUI accidents who suffer serious injury due to the negligent and unlawful actions of someone who decides to drive a vehicle while intoxicated, it doesn’t matter whether the drunk driver gets a ride home or not. It also doesn’t matter what the individual’s status is in the community. People injured by drunk drivers in Washington will have strong claims to seek financial restitution to pay for their medical care and other financial damages stemming from the crash.

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