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2 killed in tragic State Road 14 semi-truck crash

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2017 | Car Accidents

A tragic auto collision killed two individuals late last month. The accident happened on State Road 14 at approximately 6 a.m. on a Wednesday, Feb. 8. A semi-truck and a van collided head-on. The two people who passed away were riding in the van.

The collision happened when the van attempted to pass a vehicle and crossed into oncoming traffic in order to do so. Unfortunately, the van collided with the semi-truck head-on. According to a highway trooper who reported to the scene, driving conditions were horrible that day. There was freezing fog, low visibility and the roadways were icy.

Some truck drivers who were at the scene talked to the media about the roadway conditions. Some of the truck drivers described SR 14 as one of the most dangerous stretches of roadway in Eastern Washington. One truck driver said that SR 14, with its black ice and freezing conditions, is sufficiently dangerous as it is, but the fact it’s 2-lane only makes things worse. He said that the risks are very high when a driver decides to pass someone on this dangerous stretch of roadway.

Washington state troopers suggest that drivers who encounter dense fog need to slow down. They also recommend turning on headlights, but not brights, and turn on blinking hazards too. Certainly, when there’s only 10 to 20 feet visibility, troopers say that passing other vehicles is extremely unwise.

Washington residents who are hurt or killed in a motor vehicle crash caused by a negligent or reckless driver can seek financial restitution in court. Through the successful navigation of a personal injury claim, injured plaintiffs in such a case can pursue money to pay for their medical care, lost income, lost quality of life, attorneys’ fees, court costs and more.

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