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July 2016 Archives

This is what a car accident resistant human looks like

Automobile manufacturers and technology companies spend millions of dollars each year to develop the next-best car safety features to prevent deaths and injuries. Right now, it seems that the push is toward self-driving cars, which many technologists claim will remove human error, negligence, and reckless behavior from the driving equation, and for all intents and purposes, render car accidents a thing of the past. That said, what if upgrades could be made to the human body instead of our cars. What changes would we need to make to our bodies so they could withstand a catastrophic auto collision?

Family wins $53 million medical malpractice suit

A 12-year-old boy and his mother received a jury award of $53 million in a medical malpractice suit against the University of Chicago Medical Center. The lawsuit was filed in 2013. It alleged medical malpractice issues relating to the boy's birth, which led to him suffering a brain injury.