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The dangers of tailgating in Washington state

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2016 | Car Accidents

Obviously for the purposes of this blog post, tailgating refers to following too closely behind a vehicle, not to having a picnic on the tailgate of your truck. According to Washington vehicle code, drivers are prohibited from following behind another vehicle closer than is “reasonable and prudent” in conjunction with the speed of other automobiles and the conditions of the road. Unfortunately, tailgating is an ongoing danger across America, and Washington is no exception.

Why does the law prohibit tailgating? Because it is a dangerous practice that can cause car accidents. If the car ahead of the person tailgating has to stop suddenly, then a rear-end collision will likely occur. If an accident occurs involving the car in front of the tailgater, it is likely more vehicles will be involved, including the tailgater.

People follow too closely for a number of reasons and none of them are worth the hazards such a practice creates. Often, they are late for work or an appointment and are simply driving recklessly. They may attempt to intimidate other drivers to get them out of the way by tailgating. More often than not, these drivers simply overestimate their skills behind the wheel.

Car accidents caused by someone following too closely can lead to neck and spinal injuries. Because tailgating is prohibited by law, victims have several legal options for receiving compensation for injuries sustained during the accident and for property damage as well. A lawyer can provide assistance with a personal injury claim and can also help victims deal with insurance companies. Our website contains additional information about what victims can do to recover financially from truck and car accidents. We invite you to read more if you have suffered from an auto accident.