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February 2016 Archives

Protect yourself before and after a car accident

Sometimes it feels like you take your life into your hands every time you choose to drive on Washington's roadways. Sure, you are practicing caution when behind the wheel, but is everyone else? In light of the fatal car accident that occurred in Pasco on Friday, Feb. 19, the answer to that question often appears to be no. Based on police reports, that accident occurred because three motor vehicles were racing on Interstate 182 when one of the motorists lost control and rolled his car.

Medical malpractice due to pharmacy negligence

Patient injuries due to an error made in the pharmacy are becoming more and more commonplace as technicians and pharmacists struggle to meet the needs of their clientele. It is safe to say that most staff members in a pharmacy setting work hard to deliver filled prescriptions that are error-free. However, mistakes and even negligence still occur, often resulting in injury or death.