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How is the state of Washington dealing with truck safety?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2016 | Truck Accidents

Trucking companies are obligated to follow the rules that the government has set down for its drivers and trucks. In 2005, the Washington State Department of Transportation issued a report about the Transportation Partnership Program that sees to it that the roadways and highways are maintained so that safe travel can be had by all.

They are paying for it by adding certain taxes to different areas. For instance, there was a 9.5 percent gas tax increase for four years that raised $5.5 billion. They imposed a light truck weight fee increase and raised an additional $436 Million.

This partnership program is a 16-year expenditure plan that will ensure that the roads in Washington State are good for travel and also addresses safety issues, too. More than 270 projects have been and will be implemented to make the roads and bridges safe for trucks and cars.

Some of the projects are as follows:

— Roadway safety

— Preservation of the roads

— Ferries

— Multi-modal improvements

— Environmental issues

— Freight mobility and Economics

— Choke points and congestion

You can see that this list, prepared by WSDOT is a comprehensive package that will enable you to travel safely on the road with large tractor-trailer trucks. They are improving the roads by adding certain safety features such as lighted directional signs that tell you what lies ahead in case of a car or truck accident. They are also upgrading bridges to make them stronger for trucks to safely utilize these structures.

Getting into a truck accident is a way to become seriously injured. Calling in a legal professional who can get you what you rightly deserve if you are involved in a truck accident is a good idea at a time like this.

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