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October 2015 Archives

Washington seeing a steep decline in deaths due to accidents

The state of Washington's Department of Transportation (DOT) is doing its best to prevent car accidents by reducing traffic congestion, preserving the highway and roadway infrastructure and generally promoting safe driving. This takes vigilance and a lot of effort. It seems that the effort is worth it, though, because this state has seen a big decline in deaths due to traffic collisions.

Car accidents in Washington often caused by negligent driving

Car accidents are a real problem in Washington. The weather is often a factor as well. Sometimes though, a car crash occurs because of someone's negligent driving. Were you hurt in a car accident? The person responsible could have been driving while distracted by texting or talking of his or her cellphone. He or she could have been doing something as simple as changing the radio station and averted one's eyes just long enough to hit you. Whatever the reason, you are left holding the bag.