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What state agencies govern trucks and prevent accidents?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2015 | Truck Accidents

The state of Washington has several agencies that govern how trucks with trailers on the back are regulated. The agencies take very seriously the actions allowed by law when these trucks are on the road in order to prevent accidents.

They provide a set of objectives that gives the public a modicum of safety when traveling the roadways. They protect the public infrastructure and work with industry leaders to provide safe, efficient and economical solutions to commercial trucking.

The Washington State Patrol governs how much weight a truck can hold, how big the trailer can be and is tasked with promoting safety through enforcement. They provide educational opportunities to allow truckers to become informed about the specifics of the load they are carrying.

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission has control of solid waste collection companies including the trucks they drive. They also watch over bus companies. Getting into an accident with one of these types of trucks is frightening because they are usually stopping quickly to pick up trash or drop off riders. The UTC has a large voice in administering and enforcing Washington laws that deal with public safety.

The Washington State Department of Transportation authorizes certain trucks to carry over-size loads by issuing special permits. There are 38 locations around the state of Washington that issue these passes.

The question arises regarding these over-size loads. What if one of them hits you, you become injured and your car is totaled?

Not everyone is as careful as you are and if you have been involved in a truck accident, you may have questions that a lawyer can answer. They have knowledge and experience in this field and can assist you with dealing with pushy insurance companies and even a civil court case, should it comes to that.

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