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Car accidents can be avoided using traffic signs and signals

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2015 | Car Accidents

When you are travelling through the state of Washington, you will notice lighted signs that give you direction and information. This is called the Intelligent Transportation System. It runs along the state highway system and is considered the backbone of communicating with drivers.

It is made up of wireless, radio, microwave and fiber optics that assist the authorities in managing the roadways of the Traffic Management Centers. It provides up-to-date traveler information to commuters. The information that is transmitted helps prevent car accidents and warns travelers of the dangers of speeding and also of accident-prone areas.

Unfortunately, not everyone is attentive and mindful enough to read and adhere to the messages that are transmitted. They drive in a distracted or careless manner and endanger others who are more careful.

Active traffic management is the newest technology that warns drivers of areas that are congested and may need extra attention on the part of the driver. During peak commute times or if there is a traffic accident, the signs advise that the traffic ahead is slow or that a lane is closed.

There are also traffic cameras that have a pretty extensive operation throughout the state. The closed-circuit television system helps the authorities to detect incidents as well as congestion that may lead to car accidents.

Another electronic traffic signal is the variable message signs that are found on the roadways of Washington. These signs provide vital information about car accidents, congestion and speed limits. They may also give you information about alternate routes of travel. If there is an alert of an accident, you will be advised to take it slower or to take a different route.

Being aware of your surroundings is essential. If you have been injured or suffered property damage because some other driver did not heed the many signs or was simply driving recklessly, you have every right to take them to civil court.

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