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Attorney needed to handle car accidents and injuries involved

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2015 | Car Accidents

Car accidents are a leading cause of injury in the state of Washington. Getting in to a car crash can mean serious injury or can even lead to death. When the fog rolls in and the snow and rain fall, it is always best to slow down and drive defensively. Unfortunately, not everyone abides by these principles.

Careless and negligent driving causes many of the accidents in Washington. Driving while distracted is another reason that drivers cause accidents. Texting or talking can be just enough of a distraction that the driver may miss the fact that you have stopped at a light or may cut you off in traffic.

At Reinig, Barber & Henry, we have the experience as attorneys to handle your case while you recover from the harrowing crash that could have easily been avoided. You need time to convalesce and you definitely don’t need to be dealing with the insurance companies’ phone calls.

We have been dealing with this type of situation for years and know how to deal with insurance companies. They generally want you to take a quick and low pay-off that totally exonerates their client from further court cases that can be brought by you or your passengers. Don’t give in. Call us and let us use our knowledge base to help guide you through this experience.

Personal injury is such a hard row to hoe because, while you are dealing with the destruction of your property, such as your car or vehicle, you are also fielding calls from the insurance company and wondering what your next steps should be.

You don’t need to be a victim twice. Call us and let us deal with the details of bringing this before the civil court. No one deserves to be injured without being recompensed for injury, medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.