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January 2015 Archives

Medical malpractice in Washington led by statute

Washington has very strict rules about medical malpractice. These laws protect those who are victims of this problem. If you go to a doctor, you expect that the care you get will be commensurate to the level of expertise he or she has. For instance, when you take your child to the doctor for his or her cough, you expect that the diagnosis and medicine prescribed will at least begin to take care of the problem. Sometimes, the problem is bigger that the doctor thought and can cause greater complications than he or she thought. It is at this crucial juncture that the doctor's expertise needs to be apparent.

What are winter driving tips in Washington?

When you are driving in Washington, you can bet the weather is going to dictate your actions behind the wheel. If it is winter, it is best to be extra careful to avoid car accidents. When you are in the harsh elements that can be a part of the winter weather here in Washington, there are some driving tips that everyone should follow in order to arrive safely. Not everyone will follow these, so drive defensively.