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October 2014 Archives

Semi-truck accidents can be mitigated with careful attention

Driving in the winter in Washington definitely requires preplanning and caution in order to avoid a semi-truck accident. Being in an 18-wheeler accident at any time is harrowing, but getting into an accident due to the driver's negligence or carelessness is truly frightening and can be deadly. Of course, you can't control the driver who hits you but you may be able to mitigate the damage done if you do a few simple tasks.

What is active traffic management, and how does it affect me?

When you are driving in the state of Washington, you may have noticed overhead lane signs that advise you of traffic conditions that are ahead. This is called active traffic management. Truck and car accidents are dangerous not only to the people involved but also to the drivers and passengers of the vehicles that are flowing past them. Fully 50 percent of traffic snarls are due to vehicle accidents and broken down cars.

Medical malpractice in Washington needs professional involved

When you are dealing with medical malpractice, injury and even death are usually involved. Often, after we have trusted doctors and nurses with our lives and they have failed us in some significant and physical way, we feel distrustful of the entire field of medicine. While it may be true that error is something that happens, carelessness and hospital negligence are not.