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May 2014 Archives

Car accident in Washington leads to 2 deaths

A bus travelling on Interstate 405 in Olympia, Washington, hit an SUV and killed two people. The driver of the bus failed to stop at a red light and caused the fatal car accident. The accident occurred when the driver of an SUV began to accelerate on 128th Street on a green light, reaching a speed of 23 miles per hour, just prior to being hit by the bus.

New policy modifier offers accident victims more financial help

When most people buy an insurance policy for their vehicle they hope one day that they will never have to cash it in because of an injury-causing motor vehicle accident. That’s because, as many of our readers know, insurance policies usually only cover the cost of the car and not the medical expenses that can often follow a serious crash. This can create financial stress for accident victims that they might be ill-equipped to handle.