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Know Your Rights If A Birth Injury Resulted From Medical Negligence

Doctors are trained to recognize the signs of problems during the birthing process and take immediate action to prevent harm. When doctors fail to respond appropriately to birthing problems, they can be held liable for any birth injuries that occur.

At the law firm of Reinig, Barber & Henry, we have extensive experience representing families in the Tri-Cities area, Eastern Washington and elsewhere who are suffering the effects of a serious birth injury. Our medical malpractice attorneys have a long track record of success in obtaining positive results.

We Build Strong Cases When Birth Injuries Occur

Birth injuries vary greatly in type and severity. However, they all have one thing in common — serious physical and emotional effects on a child and his or her family.

At Reinig, Barber & Henry we focus solely on personal injury cases. We are committed to helping injured clients recover maximum compensation for their losses.

We represent clients suffering from all types of birth injuries:

  • Brain injuries: Newborn brain injuries can lead to long-term seizure disorders, cerebral palsy, mental retardation or death. Our firm handles brain injury cases resulting from oxygen deprivation and bleeding within the skull or brain during the birthing process, among other causes.
  • Paralysis and spinal cord injuries: Birth injuries of the spinal cord can occur when a doctor improperly uses forceps and other birthing aide devices. The results are devastating, often leaving the child paralyzed.
  • Mechanical trauma: Neck and shoulder injuries resulting from mechanical trauma can occur when the baby assumes an unusual position at the time of birth (buttocks rather than head first, for example). They can also occur when the baby is too large to pass easily through the birth canal.

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